Nurturing excellence

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The birthplace of wine-growing

It is shaped like a bunch of grapes as ever-lasting proof of its wine-making tradition. The Oltrepò Pavese region is located exactly on the same latitude as the great wines of the world, the 45th parallel. This stroke of luck has made this land one of the bastions of Italian wine. «Good wine, friendly people and very big wooden barrels»: this is how the Greek historian Strabo described this region in 40 B.C. Today, Oltrepò is a huge stretch of rolling hills, carved out by four valleys, whose peaks are dominated by living relics such as castles, towers and fortresses. This shows the strong bond between history and nature, between nobility and winemakers. With its 13,500 hectares of vineyards, this region has a noble past where grapevines have always been part of the landscape. It is well worth a visit, so you can feel the emotions looking out over this natural setting which Oltrepò Pavese provides, all while sipping a good glass of wine.

The cradle of Pinot Nero

A variety to be tamed, a wine to be loved. In 1884, 225 native varieties were recorded in the Oltrepò Pavese region. Over the years this variety has dwindled, yet also been perfected. From the mid-19th century, great wine-making insight came to the fore in the Oltrepò region, helping enhance the Pinot Nero. A variety as adaptable as it is difficult to grow. A journey through time up until the present day which has allowed this variety to show its best side on the Oltrepò Pavese hillside. This area provides perfect soil and climate conditions, making it the undisputed king of local wines. Its grapes produce refined bubbles as well as elegant, full-bodied, well-structured wines.

The value of the land

Our farmers strongly believe in the value of the land. We understand that grapes are the only real ingredient of our work, the fruit of a strong bond with our region. We approach the vineyard with this mindset, safe in the knowledge that we have to interact with our surrounding nature with the utmost respect. We pay great attention to the time involved in all the activities carried out by both man and nature. The Quality Project undertaken together with winemaker Riccardo Cotarella follows this path, a clear route that leads us to invest in our land: something which we want to respect and preserve.