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Showcasing a red Pinot Nero, the Riesling Renano and the Collezione 2007
President Giorgi: "This is another step-up in gear which the brand needs"

SANTA MARIA DELLA VERSA (PV) - Riccardo Cotarella’s Quality Project lands in Merano at the prestigious Merano Wine festival, a wine exhibition which celebrates its 28th birthday this year. The legendary La Versa brand, which will be the Terre d’Oltrepò high-end brand from next year, will be among the stars of this festival in South Tyrol from Friday 8th to Monday 11th November this year. This brand from the Oltrepò Pavese region will be involved in various events, having been the figurehead of high-quality Italian sparkling wine over the years. "Merano is a crucial stop which will quickly help us achieve our initial goal, to improve the quality of our products", stated the president of La Versa, Andrea Giorgi. "We have therefore sought the close collaboration of the winemaker Mr. Cotarella. This agreement is very important for us: Mr. Cotarella is the right person for this company to step it up a gear. Over the last few months, he’s worked with our qualified staff of winemakers and agronomists by offering them his vast professional experience. We’ve already identified several priorities and, above all, we’ve set up projects that aim to improve the already excellent quality of our products. His experience is providing our winery with the added value for the production side because we’re convinced, now more than ever, that even a large cooperative winery like ours can produce quality". La Versa and its new labels and revamped graphics will be attending the event "I vini dell’Italia e del Mondo seguiti da Riccardo Cotarella" (Wines from Italy and from the World presented by Riccardo Cotarella), which will take place on Friday 8th from 1 pm to 6 pm in the Czerny Saal at the Kurhaus, the beating heart of the festival. Up for tasting will be an elegant red Pinot Nero, a prime example of the region, a "modern" and fragrant Riesling Renano and the Traditional Method Collezione 2007. "We’re proud of this invitation", said director Massimo Sala, "because it allows us to promote a business pathway that we’ve recently undertaken and which will help restore the La Versa brand as an icon of the Oltrepò region; not just with the sparkling wines it’s already famous for, but also with other top-end wines". La Versa will also be attending other events in South Tyrol. The wines of the Oltrepò region will feature at the Gourmet Arena, from 8th to 11th of this November, with an exhibition space set up for Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese (Consortium for the Protection of Oltrepò Wine) by eleven outstanding regional companies, including this brand from Santa Maria della Versa. Another crucial moment will be from 10 am to 11 am on Saturday 9th November at the "Fuorisalone" area dedicated to the Consortium: in the morning, the president, Mr. Giorgi, and the manager, Mr. Sala, will lead a tasting session of La Versa products and, in particular, there will be a tasting of the award-winning Traditional Method Testarossa 2015 and the Collezione 2007. "Today, our company", said Mr. Giorgi, "needs a different pace and this is why we wanted to invest in two high-profile people such as Mr. Cotarella, who will design the premium line, and the manager, Mr. Sala, who is putting his thirty years’ experience at the winery’s service to relaunch the La Versa brand. It’s definitely not an easy job, but we have clear ideas about how to do it and, to succeed, we’re asking for the cooperation of our shareholders and the region. But, above all, of the wine lovers we’ll have the pleasure of meeting in Merano. We really believe in this event, it will allow us to get closer to an audience of connoisseurs so we can proudly explain our quality project to them".